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While Breakout Bars aren’t the first nutrition bars ever to be made by hand, they very well could be the first ones to taste like it. Always made with all-natural ingredients. Always packing at least 18 grams of protein. And always made by hand. Welcome.




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Darrick Collier, Jr. is from Edwardsville IL. He is a 2002 graduate of Mizzou. Darrick studied Political Science and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. After seven years of military service, he continued working for the Department of Defense as a civilian. Darrick was an outstanding athlete in his youth and it’s his combined passion for health and fitness, elite performance and nutrition that inspires him. He hopes to share the “real food” goodness and pura vida philosophy of Breakout Bar with the planet. Darrick also has an M.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, and he’s applying his impressive academic background in business to share his vision for Breakout Bar with the world.




Darrick Collier, Sr is also from Edwardsville IL and is a 2005 graduate of SIUE. While working full time

and supporting a family, Darrick Sr. completed his BS in Liberal Studies and double-minored in Business Administration and Religious Studies. Darrick Sr. and his wife Sandra (a licensed clinical social

worker) help displaced and troubled youth through the foster care system. Over the years, they’ve helped numerous displaced young men. After career ending injuries in the airline industry, Darrick Sr. sought to professionally engage troubled youth in the Missouri State Division of Youth Services. Following his work related injuries, Darrick Sr. compiled a list of health related issues. It was then when he adopted a lifestyle that allowed him to lose over 100 pounds through proper diet and exercise. Darrick Sr. seeks to share his success by advocating proper nutrition for all.




John Burr is from Bartstown, KY and is a 2003 graduate of McKendree College in Lebanon, IL. John studied Economics and Business while being an All-American Collegiate High Jumper for McKendree’s Track & Field team. Upon graduating, John embarkedupon a career in fitness. John served the St. Louis community through being one of the top Health Coaches and Trainers in the city. Through hard work and determination, John earned the opportunity to become General Manager of Solera Health Club & Spa. In June of 2013, John acquired the former Solera Health Club & Spa from its previous owner and launched Breakout Fitness. John is an active member in the St. Louis community and continues to support the health and philanthropic efforts of organizations across the city. John is also a member of the Bardstown High School Athletic Hall of Fame.


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